It’s too damn hot, HELP


Summer is a great time of the year for most human beings, that’s assuming your air conditioning works of course.

If you find yourself with a broken air conditioning unit in the middle of summer for any reason, you could be in some trouble.

It’s important to make sure you’ve got an honest company around to call if you ever find yourself in need of HVAC help.

I found this company a long time ago and they are my go to source for information about heating, air conditioning, plumbing and anything else HVAC related.

See them here.

Owner, Jim Robison told me this:

If you ever need your air conditioning unit replaced, make sure the company you hire is not only trained and certified but also competent. He’s been in the business for quite some time and has seen businesses like his come and go.

He said that the main thing that kept him in the game is customer service. Exceptional customer service is what pays the bills.

He gave me these tips for maintenance:

  • Inspect/clean blower assemblies
  • Older models need lubrication and replacement fan belts
  • Combustion blowers need to be check frequently
  • Inspect evaporator coil, drain pans, and condensate lines. Clean these items as needed to ensure healthy maintenance
  • Search for gas leaks
  • Look at the burner assembly, adjustments and cleaning should be performed as needed
  • Check the ignition system and monitor safety controls
  • Inspect heat exhanger and other elements
  • Check the control box, make sure wiring and connections aren’t damaged
  • Replace and or clean air filters
  • Check the conditioned airflow system for leaks
  • Check start up characteristics of the system
  • Pay attention for abnormal noises
  • Notice unusual odors
  • Monitor air conditioning and heat pump units for proper refrigerant
  • Check outdoor dry bulb temperature
  • Check and measure high/low side pressure systems
  • Maintain proper operation of vent system, check/clean

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