Florida, Keys, and Rentals

What more could you want?

If you’ve never been to the Florida Keys, I HIGHLY recommend it. ┬áIt’s an experience for everyone to enjoy and it’s no surprise that it’s liked by all.

Seriously, I have yet to meet someone who has been to the Florida Keys and didn’t like it.

Well that’s not true, there’s one person that comes to mind.


Steve is my cousin, and he doesn’t get out much. We dragged him along on our vacation and to say the least, he didn’t have a very good time.

It was his first time flying and it didn’t go too well. He spent the good majority of the flight in the bathroom, only to come out right before landing. As soon as we landed he rushed himself to the bathroom.

Bad flyers…

It gets worse, as soon as we get to the hotel, he starts complaining about his stomach. This is Steve mind you, he complains about everything whether he has a reason too or not. Don’t get me wrong, we all love Steve but he is a handful.

We check in, get our room key and head up.

I kid you not, as soon as we walked into the room he puked. Room service was there within minutes to help clean up but I could already tell he wishes he didn’t come.

As you can imagine, things only went down from there.

Day one: Beach Day

We spent our entire first day there at the beach. Woke up at 8 am and made our way to the beach.

Upon arriving we all start engaging in pre beach activities like apply sunscreen etc.

Everyone but Steve…

“I don’t need that” “I’ll be fine without”

You be the judge..

Steve got sunburned

Yeah, I’d be embarrassed too.

Wanna hear about day two?

Well stick around, I’ll be finishing the story here as time goes on and hopefully encourage you to book your first trip to the Florida Keys

Moral of the post: DON’T FORGET SUNSCREEN

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