Choose swiftly but carefully

This is a blog about the Florida Keys, where I will talk about my past experience in hopes to persuade you to visit one day. If even one person found the courage to visit after reading my posts, I’d be more than happy.

This post will talk about how my indecisiveness almost made me miss out on my trip to the Florida Keys

This is actually a two-part story and to keep it relatively short and hopefully interesting, I will release the second part in a week.

It was the night before the trip, I was skeptical about going, I hadn’t done my research and I knew nothing about the Florida Keys, so I really went in blind.

My ticket was paid for, I had a place to sleep, everything was set. Yet I just couldn’t decide which flip flops to choose in the store. I know this is crazy but this actually happened.

I’m in Walmart, minutes before they close. I’m frantically scanning the flip flops for ones that fit and that look good.

I probably could have made a decision a bit quicker if it weren’t for the employees hovering around me like vultures.

Hey I get it, you wanna go home but I really need flip flops before my trip.

So I ended up deciding on a pair with a bottle cap opening in the bottom. I thought “hey that’s cool and useful”

Boy, I was I wrong…

Seconds before the automatic doors close shut for the night, I make it out with flip-flops in hand. I make it to my car and throw my flip flops in the back.

Little did I know, my tire was flat.

And to make things worse, the weather is calling for severe storms.

I think to myself, “okay I need to do something, I can’t just sit here like a little bitch and get rained on”

Well, after about 3 minutes and 23 seconds, I thought of something.

See I have a few useful connections in my town, but nothing’s free in this world. Little did I know that if I wanted help, it would cost me a bit more than I bargained for.

I’ll finish this next week, but for now, just know that flip flops with bottle caps in the bottom are more than cool and useful, they are INCREDIBLE.


Like them, go do a google search for “flippy floppies with bottle openers on the bottom”

Should get you there.

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