Summer is coming, are you?

If you’ve been following this blog and haven’t booked a trip to the key west yet, you’re missing out!

The absolute best time to visit the key west is during the winter months so you can enjoy your stay that much more. Knowing everyone back home is sitting in the cold wishing they were right next to you enjoying the beautiful weather. However, I won’t sugar coat this. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. (Rainbows are rare)

Every now and then, we get struck by a big storm. And if the storm is big enough, there could be some damage. The worst damage we can experience by far is roof damage. It’s never fun to have roof damage but if you know the right people and companies, it’s never really an issue. The best roofing company will take care of this problem without breaking your wallet or your stress levels.

I can’t stress this enough, working with a roofing contractor doesn’t have to be a headache or nightmare. If you do your research and due diligence, it can be quite easy.

Here are some tips for picking the right contractor

  • A good roofer will have local references and testimonials of previously completed jobs
  • Roofing credentials are a must! Don’t hire one without them
  • They should have workers compensation insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Written manufacturing warranties should be provided

Before hiring any roofing contractor, ask for a list of recent customers and actually give them a call or even a text message if allowed! You won’t regret the 10 mins it takes to do this if you happen to get burned because you chose not to.

Also, ask friends, family, and neighbors for their recommendations. Other useful places to ask are insurance agents, claim adjusters, and anyone who might deal with these situations on a daily basis. It also would be wise to check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

It’s also wise to avoid contractors who ask for FULL payment upfront. This is a red flag and should be avoided. Standard procedures in this industry typically required 1/3 of the payment upfront with the rest coming after work is completed. Never pay cash for your roofing job.

Be skeptical! This will help you make the right choice. Honest roofers know there are a lot of scum bags trying to do the same thing they are! They understand the importance of picking a good one and will respect your asking of questions!

Be wary of door to door roofing sales people. They are typically found walking around after storms or inspecting your property without your knowing. People are trying to make a quick buck and can take advantage of your lack of knowledge on the subject.

After A Storm You Should:

Do not let a company rush you into a decision, take your time and do your research. Look up multiple businesses, get their cards, and request written estimates for services on the damages to your roof.

Be careful of companies preaching to you about getting your entire roof replaced by your insurance company. This only happens in rare circumstances and while it sure does sound good, it’s rarely the case.

The bottom line is:

Do your research! If you do, you have nothing to worry about because all of the evidence you could ever need is already out there!

Hope this helped, again if you are ready for that trip, contact us 🙂

nasty roof damage - leaky roof


It’s too damn hot, HELP


Summer is a great time of the year for most human beings, that’s assuming your air conditioning works of course.

If you find yourself with a broken air conditioning unit in the middle of summer for any reason, you could be in some trouble.

It’s important to make sure you’ve got an honest company around to call if you ever find yourself in need of HVAC help.

I found this company a long time ago and they are my go to source for information about heating, air conditioning, plumbing and anything else HVAC related.

See them here.

Owner, Jim Robison told me this:

If you ever need your air conditioning unit replaced, make sure the company you hire is not only trained and certified but also competent. He’s been in the business for quite some time and has seen businesses like his come and go.

He said that the main thing that kept him in the game is customer service. Exceptional customer service is what pays the bills.

He gave me these tips for maintenance:

  • Inspect/clean blower assemblies
  • Older models need lubrication and replacement fan belts
  • Combustion blowers need to be check frequently
  • Inspect evaporator coil, drain pans, and condensate lines. Clean these items as needed to ensure healthy maintenance
  • Search for gas leaks
  • Look at the burner assembly, adjustments and cleaning should be performed as needed
  • Check the ignition system and monitor safety controls
  • Inspect heat exhanger and other elements
  • Check the control box, make sure wiring and connections aren’t damaged
  • Replace and or clean air filters
  • Check the conditioned airflow system for leaks
  • Check start up characteristics of the system
  • Pay attention for abnormal noises
  • Notice unusual odors
  • Monitor air conditioning and heat pump units for proper refrigerant
  • Check outdoor dry bulb temperature
  • Check and measure high/low side pressure systems
  • Maintain proper operation of vent system, check/clean

If you are interested in more information, please email me with questions

Book your trip to the Florida Keys today! 

Time Is Running Out!

I am here again to inform you all.

So whether you believe it or not, homes and rentals in the Florida Keys have windows.

That’s not so hard to understand, but what is hard to understand is this:

Windows need replacing every now and then, and I was talking to my good friend Evan at Window Replacement Philadelphia ( and here is what he suggested:

  1. Don’t try to replace your windows without proper guidance. If replacing your windows is a project you want to tackle yourself, contact your local window replacement pros and read up on forums to learn the ins and outs before you start.
  2. Don’t cheap out on materials, you want these windows to last for as long as they possibly can and the best way to ensure that is picking top-notch quality materials. The extra money upfront will save you in the long run.
  3. Do your research. Make sure you know exactly what’s going to happen from a to z. This means learn the general process of replacing windows and make sure the company you choose knows what they’re doing. Read reviews online to make sure they are fully capable.
  4. Browse before you buy. He told me there are so many different options, all of which vary in some way. It’s important to make sure you look long and hard at all the choices before you make one. This choice will last a long time.
  5. Make sure the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, this goes back to the idea of doing your research but this is important and worth mentioning.

With that information, I was able to make what I think was a really good decision on some replacement windows for a rental property of mine. Big thanks to Evan for helping me out!

Check out his work:

Window Replacement Philadelphia

Have you booked your trip yet?

Hey there, I’m just checking in.

I was curious if you got around to booking your trip to the Florida Keys yet, if not here’s 10 Reasons why you should do it today:

  1. Vacation – Everyone needs to take a break and relax. Put work down for a little bit.
  2. Family – Family trips are great for everyone.  This is a great time to bond with the family.
  3. Price – Best bang for you buck. You won’t find a more enjoyable trip for this price point.
  4. Adventure – This is nothing short of an adventure, your time spent in the Florida Keys is time well spent.
  5. Food – There are some excellent places to eat in the Keys, we will give a list of our favorite spots in another post.
  6. Health – The Florida Keys has been proven to improve mental health. This is because of the incredible atmosphere and scenery.
  7. Activities – The Keys are filled with many family friendly activities that are exhilarating. We recommend checking back for our list of activities to do.
  8. Environment – The environment here is unique, you will find yourself surrounded by some of the most natural and lush environments.
  9. Weather – The weather is worth mentioning two times. You can find yourself with a lot of sunshine and the occasional calm and relaxing storm.
  10. People – The Florida Keys is filled with fun and loving people. Everyone is there to have a great time and nothing else.

If that’s not enough reason to book your trip right now, check back for the next post because it only gets better.

Choose swiftly but carefully

This is a blog about the Florida Keys, where I will talk about my past experience in hopes to persuade you to visit one day. If even one person found the courage to visit after reading my posts, I’d be more than happy.

This post will talk about how my indecisiveness almost made me miss out on my trip to the Florida Keys

This is actually a two-part story and to keep it relatively short and hopefully interesting, I will release the second part in a week.

It was the night before the trip, I was skeptical about going, I hadn’t done my research and I knew nothing about the Florida Keys, so I really went in blind.

My ticket was paid for, I had a place to sleep, everything was set. Yet I just couldn’t decide which flip flops to choose in the store. I know this is crazy but this actually happened.

I’m in Walmart, minutes before they close. I’m frantically scanning the flip flops for ones that fit and that look good.

I probably could have made a decision a bit quicker if it weren’t for the employees hovering around me like vultures.

Hey I get it, you wanna go home but I really need flip flops before my trip.

So I ended up deciding on a pair with a bottle cap opening in the bottom. I thought “hey that’s cool and useful”

Boy, I was I wrong…

Seconds before the automatic doors close shut for the night, I make it out with flip-flops in hand. I make it to my car and throw my flip flops in the back.

Little did I know, my tire was flat.

And to make things worse, the weather is calling for severe storms.

I think to myself, “okay I need to do something, I can’t just sit here like a little bitch and get rained on”

Well, after about 3 minutes and 23 seconds, I thought of something.

See I have a few useful connections in my town, but nothing’s free in this world. Little did I know that if I wanted help, it would cost me a bit more than I bargained for.

I’ll finish this next week, but for now, just know that flip flops with bottle caps in the bottom are more than cool and useful, they are INCREDIBLE.


Like them, go do a google search for “flippy floppies with bottle openers on the bottom”

Should get you there.

Florida, Keys, and Rentals

What more could you want?

If you’ve never been to the Florida Keys, I HIGHLY recommend it.  It’s an experience for everyone to enjoy and it’s no surprise that it’s liked by all.

Seriously, I have yet to meet someone who has been to the Florida Keys and didn’t like it.

Well that’s not true, there’s one person that comes to mind.


Steve is my cousin, and he doesn’t get out much. We dragged him along on our vacation and to say the least, he didn’t have a very good time.

It was his first time flying and it didn’t go too well. He spent the good majority of the flight in the bathroom, only to come out right before landing. As soon as we landed he rushed himself to the bathroom.

Bad flyers…

It gets worse, as soon as we get to the hotel, he starts complaining about his stomach. This is Steve mind you, he complains about everything whether he has a reason too or not. Don’t get me wrong, we all love Steve but he is a handful.

We check in, get our room key and head up.

I kid you not, as soon as we walked into the room he puked. Room service was there within minutes to help clean up but I could already tell he wishes he didn’t come.

As you can imagine, things only went down from there.

Day one: Beach Day

We spent our entire first day there at the beach. Woke up at 8 am and made our way to the beach.

Upon arriving we all start engaging in pre beach activities like apply sunscreen etc.

Everyone but Steve…

“I don’t need that” “I’ll be fine without”

You be the judge..

Steve got sunburned

Yeah, I’d be embarrassed too.

Wanna hear about day two?

Well stick around, I’ll be finishing the story here as time goes on and hopefully encourage you to book your first trip to the Florida Keys

Moral of the post: DON’T FORGET SUNSCREEN